About us - gruenshoppen.de

Gruenshoppen.de emerged from the practical work of the Gruenstifter  . We have implemented our own needs for nature protection products with our own designs and products for projects and specific campaigns and share them here and offer the results from practice on Greunshoppen.de for sale.
+++ We donate 1% of the proceeds from product sales annually to projects in environmental education. +++

How did Gruenshoppen come about?

As consultants and experts in the field of ecological expert reports and ecological construction supervision, we define and coordinate compensation and replacement measures following the Federal Nature Conservation Act. 

Our work consists of practical nature and species protection. For the implementation of required measures we apply nature conservation products such as nesting boxes, sound dummies and species protection houses.

We and other projects are dependent on suppliers and producers. With our products we have become independent and can help other projects and people in a similar situation and offer our developed products for species protection.

From theory to practice to nature conservation product

Over the years, we have developed and implemented products based on our practical experience in nature and species protection and with a passion for craftsmanship. 

Our products were implemented successfully into many nature conservation projects for several years. We are pleased to share our experience and love for this subject and are happy to provide access to information to put conservation measures into practice.

You can find more examples here: Actions of Gruenstifter.